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 Derek Hale

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Derek Hale

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PostSubject: Derek Hale   Wed Jul 04, 2012 10:07 pm


"Holy water can not help you. A thousand armies couldn't keep me out."

It's Matt to you, bub! You wanna have a go? Meet me in South Wales at two o' clock - that would be GMT in case you're curious. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

00I. Full name: Derek Hale.
0II. Nicknames: Don't even try it.
III. Years of age: Twenty Three.
0IV. Date of birth: November 7th.
00V. Gender: Male.
VII. Sexual alignment: Heterosexual.

00I. Play by: Tyler Hoechlin.
0II. Body type: Tall, Slender, Muscular.
III. Height and weight: You'll find out when you see him.
0IV. Hair: Dark.
00V. Eyes: Blue, but Red when tapping into Wereform.
0VI. Unique features: Triskelion tattoo on his back.
VII. Dressing style: Mostly dark and a leather jacket always nearby.

00I. Likes: Working out, his own space, being an Alpha and getting more power, lurking, messing with others.
0II. Dislikes: - Wolfsbane, hunters, annoying teenagers, following other peoples lead.
III. Quirks/habits: None.
0IV. Fears: His pack failing, Not knowing the ins and outs about new threats, Losing to hunters.
0VI. Strengths: Being a Werewolf, Quick thinking, His pack.
VII. Weaknesses: Hunters, Wolfsbane, His pack.
VIII. Other: None.
0IX. Overall personality: Derek is the dark, mysterious, brooding type. While often quiet and dealing with things internally, he isn't afraid to speak out and let his presence known when needed. Able to intimidate and persuade, Derek easily adapts to his situations and the people he is around. Though able to stay cool and collected, Derek can lose his temper when pushed enough and if something is not working in his favour.

00I. Overall history: Derek was born into a family of werewolves, the Hale family. Sadly during a fire, he lost many of his family and is one of the last remaining Hale members. After his sister was killed, Derek hunted the wolf that killed her, and ended up learning many things along the way.

During his school days, Derek came across a girl by the name of Kate Argent who he entered a relationship with. Unfortunately, he was not aware that Kate was part of a family of hunters. He would later realise Kate had used him to become close to the family, which she aided in killing with the help of other hunters who were responsible for the fire at the Hale household that killed many of his family.

Derek would also come across a student by the name of Scott McCall who had been turned by the Alpha who had killed his sister. Knowing that he would need all the help he could get to find the Alpha, Derek took Scott under his wing and attempted to help the boy understand what was going on, and to control his new abilities. Though not becoming the best of friends, Derek had made a bond with Scott that would later help him out.

Using Scott to help him find the Alpha, Derek discovered that his sister was murdered by none other than his uncle, Peter Hale. With the help from Scott and a few other residents of Beacon Hills, Peter was eventually killed. Landing the most important blow to Peter that would bring his chaos to an end, Derek has secured himself a new role. THE ALPHA!

Looking to strengthen himself, and his chances of survivng against the hunters and any other packs and creatures that may surface in Beacon Hills, Derek now finds himself on the look out for a pack of his own, watching from afar on who to attempt to turn and recruit to his quest for power.

SYR INTEGRA of CAUTION 2.0 created this and she will happily hunt you down, rip out your spinal cord, and beat you to death with it if you steal her hard work and claim it as your own. especially since she will gladly share it with any and all who wish to use it, provided they leave her nice, little credit attached.
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Scott McCall

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PostSubject: Re: Derek Hale   Sat Jul 07, 2012 11:24 pm

ACCEPTED!!!! Welcome to Beacon Hills.
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Derek Hale
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