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 Allison Argent

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Allison Argent


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PostSubject: Allison Argent   Thu Jun 28, 2012 11:46 pm

Allison Argent

“Smile, Allison. Someone could be falling in love with you.”

Allison Argent is the name. She was the new girl in town, but quickly got a name for herself. She walks alongside the most popular girl in school, and is proud of it. Soon after she came into town, she had fallen in love with none other than Scott McCall. They are secretly dating because her family is full of werewolf hunters, and he happens to be a werewolf.

00I. Full name: Allison Argent
0II. Nicknames: none
III. Years of age: 17
0IV. Date of birth: February 27, 1993
00V. Gender: Female.
VII. Sexual alignment: Heterosexual

00I. Play by: Crystal Reed
0II. Body type: Slender
III. Height and weight: 5'9, 145
0IV. Hair: Wavy, long dark brown
00V. Eyes: Chocolate brown
0VI. Unique features: Glossy dark brown hair, defined jaw line
VII. Dressing style: Fashionable, but not over the top

00I. Likes: Scott, being with friends, sleepovers, practicing bow and arrow
0II. Dislikes: Her family's view on her relationship, The family business, her friends being hurt, Derek Hale
III. Quirks/habits: none
0IV. Fears: Losing Scott, Derek, What her Grandfather is capable of
0VI. Strengths: Bow and arrow, trustworthy, secretive
VII. Weaknesses: Family, stubborn, fear of losing loved ones
VIII. Other: Very accurate with bow and arrow
0IX. Overall personality: Allison is a sweet girl. She is pretty outgoing and loves being with her friends. She tries her best to protect the people she loves. She may seem innocent, but if her friends are in danger she will not hesitate to fight back. She's a strong girl, and will find a way around any obstacle. She's best friends with Lydia, and sees past her cold exterior. Allison is very strong-willed and doesn't give up on things easily. She is always up for a challenge.

00I. Father: Chris Argent /Human /Living
0II. Mother Victoria Argent /Human/Living
III. Siblings: none
0IV. Other significant people:
Aunt: Kate Argent/ Human/ Deceased
Grandfather: Gerard Argent/ Human/ Living
00V. Pets: none
0VI. Overall history: Allison recently just moved into town. Everything was pretty normal until she met Scott. They had an instant connection, and their relationship was going fine. That was until her aunt Kate came into town. She soon found out her family had a huge history in hunting werewolves, and she was expected to join the family business. With Scott being a werewolf, she is stuck on what do to, but she would never hurt Scott. After her aunt died, things got even more complicated and some more of her family moved into town. Her Grandfather Gerard is the head of the family business and he's a ruthless killer. He soon became principal, which made her relationship with Scott a lot harder and they have to be even more secretive than they already were. She's best friends with Lydia, and would do anything to protect her.

SYR INTEGRA of CAUTION 2.0 created this and she will happily hunt you down, rip out your spinal cord, and beat you to death with it if you steal her hard work and claim it as your own. especially since she will gladly share it with any and all who wish to use it, provided they leave her nice, little credit attached.
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Scott McCall

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PostSubject: Re: Allison Argent   Fri Jun 29, 2012 8:03 pm

ACCEPTED!!! Welcome to Beacon Hills
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Allison Argent
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