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 Scott McCall

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Scott McCall

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"On this empty street, on the Boulevard of Broken Dreams"

Scott McCall - Scott McCall is, or was your average everyday human teenage boy ... that is, until he got bit by a Werewolf. Scott is rather shy around others but can say what's on his mind when he needs to. He is currently dating a lovely girl named Allison Argent. But, there's one small problem ... Her family is filled with Werewolf Hunters.

00I. Full name:Scott McCall
0II. Nicknames:None
III. Years of age:16
0IV. Date of birth:June 10th, 1996
00V. Gender: Male
VII. Sexual alignment:Heterosexual

00I. Play by:Tyler Posey
0II. Body type: muscular, Slender
III. Height and weight:6'0, 127lb.
0IV. Hair:Short Pitch-Black
00V. Eyes:Chocolate Brown (Eyes turn yellow when he turns)
0VI. Unique features:friendly smile
VII. Dressing style:Normal Casual teenage boy clothing

00I. Likes:Allison, hanging out with friends, having help,and videogames
0II. Dislikes:Derek, Jackson, getting in trouble, and Allison crying
III. Quirks/habits:pretends to play dumb
0IV. Fears:Hurting Alison and friends when turned, joining Derek's Pack, and dying
0VI. Strengths:Allison, Stiles, and his mom.
VII. Weaknesses:Allison's Family, Sheriff Stilinski, Derek, and ending up in life and death situations.
VIII. Other:Looks like an idiot, but knows what he's talking about.
0IX. Overall personality:Scott McCall looks like he does not know what's going on, when really he does. He can be extremely shy to new people. Scott doesn't like people with Foul attitudes. He also doesn't like people who try to kill him. Scott is a very Affable person to get along with.

00I. Father: N/A (Father and mother divorced and is not in show)
0II. Mother: Melissa McCall, Works at Beacon hills Hospital, 39 years old, Human, alive.
III. Siblings: None
0IV. Other significant people:Allison Argent (Girlfriend), Stiles Stilinski (Best friend)
00V. Pets:None
0VI. Overall history:Scott McCall became the "Loser" at Beacon Hills High School. No one talked to him except for Stiles, who became his best friend. They joined Lacrosse together, even though they weren't that athletic. To be honest, Scott as asthma. He carries inhaler where ever he goes. The night he got bit by the Werewolf (Peter Hale), he used his new abilities in Lacrosse, which made him rather popular by most people. Then when he had trouble controlling his impulses, his help was Derek Hale. The both of them worked together to find the Alpha, the one who turned Scott for him to get the cure to turn him back into a human.

Derek had found out that Peter Hale, his supposed hospitalized uncle, was the Alpha. Derek tried to stop him, but realized he couldn't, and became apart of Peter's Pack. Scott did not want to be apart of Peter's pack, because that is what he wanted all along. When Scott told Derek that Peter had been the one that killed his sister, Derek joined Scott in taking out the Alpha. During the Fight at the old Hale House, Peter had killed Kate Argent, who was Allison's Aunt. They succeeded in restraining the Alpha by burning him, but Scott did not get the cure to change him back from Peter. Instead, Derek killed Peter, becoming the new Alpha Werewolf.

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Scott McCall
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