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Jackson Whittemore


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PostSubject: Transforming   Sat Sep 22, 2012 3:49 am

Jackson's eye's turned the Kanima eye's and his neck turned around and snapped he was in full Kanima form and was walking toward a noise were a man was beating his wife and the yelling.

" You stupid woman get out of my life " ,He punched her and left.

She ran off and into the mist area the Kanima used it's prehensile tail to get her and killed her than walked on top on the trailer and threw the woman body to the floor.He came out and screamed the Kanima wrapped it's tail around the man's neck and choked him to death making him purple.

The Kanima hissed and walked up to a girl who witnessed it all she cried and the Kanima grabbed her and cut her with his claws paralyzing her it circled her than bit her she would die in a few hours but slower than her parent's.The Kanima entered Jacksons house and he went to human form.He took a shower than went to bed.
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