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 "Way over your heads" Erica/Allison/Lydia

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Erica Reyes


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PostSubject: "Way over your heads" Erica/Allison/Lydia   Tue Jul 10, 2012 7:23 pm

I sat on a bench, eating an apple, while listening to my IPod Touch. Paramore is the best, I thought, listening to a song from there Brand New Eyes album. I had decided to get away from the pack once. We had nothing to do, anyways. We had finished our little training session, which made me suffer. I had gotten three broken ribs, a sprained ankle, and a broken nail. Sure, my other wounds will heal, but my freaking nail won't, unless I turn, making my claws come out, but I didn't want to do that. Suddenly, I saw a girl walk by. She had a good-looking vanilla Ice - Cream cone that wasn't eaten yet, and she just bought it. I walked behind, took the Ice - Cream from her, licked, then mushed it in her face just as she turned around. She gasped in shock and embarrassed. I laughed as I walked away, completely satisfied, leaving the girl there to have the sloppy mess on her face.
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"Way over your heads" Erica/Allison/Lydia
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